Vishwashanti Gurukul School
Pandharpur Residential Campus

(CBSE Affiliation No.: 1130434)

About MIT VGS Pandharpur Residential Campus

  • A 24/7 Learning Environment: Boarding schools are not just schools they are twenty-four-hour, immersive vibrant educational environment.
  • The perfect place to unlock potential: Students gain ample opportunity to explore their interest with less distractions.
  • Growing and learning together: When a community of friends lives and learns together, they absorb the advantages of peer learning.
  • Structured life: boarding school life is organized to help each individual learn according to their needs.
  • Extracurricular activities: Facilities for sports, partners to play chess, workshops for becoming an expert in robotics, options to explore cooking from around the world, a library and an art room, are right there as options for free time for the students.-Fun weekend and overnight holiday trips for the children. -Balanced and healthy nutrition.
  • Wonderful pastoral care: 24-hour supervision and care.
  • The Staff’s Expert Guidance: Under the watchful but nurturing gaze of faculty, there is less risk of students engaging in negative behaviors and being exposed to bad influences.
  • Cultivating Social Skills: The social skills, boarding school students learn to communicate, cooperate and solve problems.
  • – Building Confidence and Resilience
  • Independence: A boarding school environment gives greater room for
    • Responsibility: Without parents constantly monitoring, students also learn how to take personal responsibility for themselves.
    • Life/Soft Skills: The life skills they learn like time and money management, and handling domestic chores will make them more responsible adults that will appeal to potential employers and partners.
    • Individual Attention: Greater individual attention ensures shortcomings are identified and addressed early so that students perform better academically.
    • Academic Rigour: Boarding schools make for a more intense academic life. There is greater investment in the required support systems including highly qualified teachers, well-equipped laboratories, well-stocked libraries, media centres, and other technologies.
    • Learning Focus: Intellectual stimulation is quite high in a boarding school environment.
    • Convenience: There is more time that can be devoted to studying and co-curricular activities in a safe and controlled environment.
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