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Nukkad Natak Competition At MIT VGS Pandharpur

Nukkad Natak, an engaging type of street play, holds a proud place in our illustrious cultural history, the oldest form of storytelling, and was effectively employed to engage and connect with the general public on important matters.

MIT VGS Pandharpur organized the Interhouse Nukkad Natak competition on emphasizing the critical topic of water conservation. Students of Grades IX and X, successfully raised awareness among the audience through their skit about the alarming issue of water wastage. The play shed light on the imminent threat posed by water shortage and caught the attention of students, teachers, and judges who had gathered to witness this impactful performance. All four houses engaged wholeheartedly, and the teachers in charge provided their full support. The students portrayed various scenarios in which water is wasted, bringing into light the points that society often overlooks, but later becomes the source of numerous problems.

In conclusion, the street play on water conservation successfully created lasting awareness among the students and teachers. It effectively conveyed the gravity of the issue and motivated individuals to take action.

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