MAEER's Pune's
MIT Junior College,
Pandharpur Residential campus
(Integrated program with IIT-JEE, NEET,
MHT-CET, CA & CS Foundation)

Embracing Purity & Light: White Colour Day Celebration At MIT VGS Pandharpur

A radiant sea of white swept through MIT VGS Pandharpur as students and teachers celebrated White Colour Day with enthusiasm and elegance. Nature always wears the colours of the spirit. The colour white is associated with innocence, success, and purity. The motive of celebrating the white day was to make the students aware of the colour white, and its significance and to develop the fine motor skills in the students.

All the children and teachers were dressed up in white and looked gorgeous in white attires. They brought many objects like a white teddy bear, rabbit, snowman, ambulance, radish, and many other white-coloured things for the “Show and Tell” activity. Students enjoyed various fun-filled activities. As the vibrant celebration concluded, it left behind a canvas of memories that will linger in the hearts of participants, symbolising the beauty, simplicity, and elegance of white.

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