Music Day Celebration at MIT VGS Pandharpur

The World Music Day is celebrated every year on June 21 in over 120 countries including its country of origin France where it is known as ‘Fête de la Musique’ meaning “festival of music” to honour both amateur and professional musicians.

World Music Day celebrates music in all its forms and the impact it’s had on the world and the human spirit. Music has existed for as long as mankind has found its voice, and quite possibly before. Every culture of the world has it’s own form of music, as distinct and unique to its area as language and cuisine. In Pre Primary Section World Music Day celebration was full of fun! The best thing about World Music Day was that it is completely free to celebrate. No matter what kind of music you love you can take part for free and you can get the whole family involved.

Students participated in the Music Day Celebration with full of enthusiasm and happiness. They were very keen to know about different musical instruments and types of music like Classical, Rock, Pop, Rap, Indian, Western etc. They performed different songs and made different musical instruments with the help of clay. They were very excited to show these musical instruments made by them to teachers and their parents. Over all they enjoyed and learnt so much about Music and different musical instruments. So the purpose to introduce these little ones to world of music is successfully achieved.

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