Yellow Day Celebration (Pre primary) at MITVGS Pandharpur

The Pre-primary section of MAEER’s Vishwashanti Gurukul School, Wakhari, Pandharpur celebrated ‘Yellow Colour Day’ on Thursday, 25th August 2022.

The motive of celebrating Yellow Colour Day was to make the children aware of the colour yellow. Early identification of colours helps to create the cognitive link between visual clues & words which is an important part of child’s holistic development.

All the world over, yellow is associated with the sun and its life-giving warmth. Yellow also stands for caution, and it’s used for traffic warning signs and traffic signals in nearly every country. Shades of yellow stimulates our little ones with happiness, energy and optimism. Yellow’s global similarities are significant: In almost every culture yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth.

The celebration started with the animated song on Yellow colour and things we find in yellow colour around us Teacher explained student how all colours are important and have a unique identity to them. Students actively participated in a fun filled activity where children were asked to colour the pictures of a yellow things in their drawing book under the teacher’s guidance. Teacher asked students to bring one yellow colour thing / object from their house and  then they spoke 4/5 sentences about one of the objects of yellow colour which they found in their house. Nursery students prepare paper crumpling & pasting ( Corn), JR KG students made stick puppet ( Smiley), SR KG students made little Chick ( Craft).

All the students were looking very beautiful in their yellow coloured attire.

The fun activities made the tiny tots learn along with a lot of enjoyment! It was a day full of fun and excitement for the students.

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