Janmashtami Celebrations (Pre primary) @MITVGS Pandharpur

The Pre-primary section of MAEER’s Vishwashanti Gurukul School, Wakhari, Pandharpur celebrated ‘Janmashtmi’ on Thursday, 18th August 2022.  

Krishna Janmashtami is the festival of mostly celebrated by the Hindus as the birth Anniversary of Lord Krishna in the month of Shravan. Lord Krishna was the eight son of Devaki & Vasudeva. On this occasion devotee worship the Lord Krishna by Bhajans, Kirtans & Aartis.

Janmashtami is famous for “Dahi Handi” in Maharashtra.

Janmashtami is celebrated where girls are dressed up as Radha & boys as Lord Shri Krishna. This is the one festival that sees a lot of participation from little kids. Increase their fun with these fun Janmashtami activities & craft. JR KG children coloured the drawing of Dahi Handi in their EVS book. Sr Kg children draw & coloured flute & pot with butter in their drawing book & coloured it. All the children made a Paper flute with peacock feather & Pot of clay & kept cotton in that pot as a butter. 

All the children & all pre-primary teachers eat food made by milk either curd rice, curd poha, curd sugar, basundi, butter roti, etc.

Children watched videos of stories of Little Krishna while eating their special Janmashtami dish. Teachers told them about Little Krishna’s story “why Lord Krishna wears peacock feather on his head & different food made by milk. At the end of the celebration all the children danced on song of “Dahi Handi” , “Govinda aala re…”.

Children enjoyed the celebration fully.

We celebrate these festivals being with our family & friends eating home cooked delicious meals & sweets,

The fun activities made the tiny tots learn along with a lot of enjoyment! It was a day full of fun and excitement for the students.

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